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Searching for a HOME.

What are you searching for?

Since the first rule of Real Estate is location, when buying a home we recommended choosing the community that fits your lifestyle and budget. Once you have found your desired neighborhoods your Harcourts NV1 real estate agent will use our advanced real estate search engines to customize your home search. 

Other criteria that you should think about to assist in your home search include:
  • Price Range
  • Size (Square Footage)
  • Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • Style & Age of Home
  • Proximity to Shopping, Entertainment & Freeway Access
  • Lot Size & Floor Plan
  • HOA Restrictions
Your Harcourts NV1 real estate agent is trained to listen. Knowing your requirements early really helps us help you. Sometimes however, your circumstances and priorities can change. Often, your Harcourts NV1 real estate agent will check with you to ensure we remain on track.
When buying a home it is important that your Harcourts NV1 real estate agent know the absolute most important features you want in a property and also what features you are willing to compromise on. These requirements are unique to each buyer. You will also need to give some thought to features you most definitely do not want in a property.
Many buyers search the internet prior to viewing properties. If you are interested in a particular property and you know the MLS number or address you can search for it by typing this information into the quick search function on the left of your screen or you can CLICK HERE and sign up for a free account to our main home search website.
Your Harcourts NV1 real estate agent will show you the properties that best fit your requirements. This will be at times to suit you and the owner of the property. You will be kept informed of all changes relating to the properties you have viewed and you will be advised of new properties as they come on the market. Talk to your Harcourts NV1 real estate agent about how you want to receive new property information i.e. via email, text, or phone call.
Finding the right property often takes time. We recommend you do not rush or disregard properties too quickly.
When the right property presents itself be prepared to make an offer. Your Harcourts NV1 real estate agent will encourage you to do so as many buyers have found their perfect home and missed it because they didn’t take the opportunity when it was available to them.

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